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When is one required?

In the event that alterations or improvements have been carried out and in circumstances where a building PERMIT (prior 1st July 1992) should have been issued.

For example:

Structural Works – Works involving internal and external aspects of the structure, added rooms, separate building exceeding 10m2.
Additional or relocated plumbing
Additional or relocated drainage storm water or waste
Additional toilet and sewer connection
Changes to Hot water cylinder i.e. from low to high pressure or from conventional to gas. (A certificate from a registered Gas installer may be adequate)


Inspect site file held by the local council, produce site and ‘as built’ drainage plan. (Plans must be in metric and not photocopies if required by local T/A)
Visit the site, provided detailed description of the works, comment on the works, identify compliance to relevant building codes and list any remedial work required to gain compliance. Amend site plan showing location of works and floor plan. If external show elevations if required by local T/A.
Lodge Report with Council and discusses issues not resolved.

Report available in 48 Hours

What if un-consented works were carried out after 1st July 1992?

A “Certificate if Acceptance’ application for un-consented works will be required by all territorial authorities (see ‘Certificates of Acceptance’).

What if a permit was issued but not ever ‘Signed Off’ by the issuing authority? Is a safe and Sanitary Inspection still required?

No. Unless additional work not covered by the permit or consent was carried out. However a ‘Signing Off’ may be required and in this case a ‘Final Closure’ report would be prepared after an inspection of both site and site file at council

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