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When is one required?

In the event that alterations or improvements have been carried out and in circumstances where a building CONSENT (post 1st July 1992) should have been issued.

Changes to the building Act 2004, Effective as at 1st April 2005 means that for un-consented works post July 1992, a Safe and Sanitary Report will no longer suffice. Local councils now require a certificate of Acceptance application to be made, and Property Solutions can assist a vendor in preparing an application, including presenting to council, as follows:


Inspect site file help by Council, produce site and ‘as built’ drainage plan. Photocopies and old drawings (imperial measurements) are not acceptable.

Visit the site, provide detailed description of works, comment on the works, identify compliance to relevant building codes and list any remedial works required to gain compliance. Amend site plan showing location of works and floor plan. If external show elevation and provide revised floor plan.

Prepare Certificate of Acceptance application form and attach all relevant documentation required e.g. plans and specifications, producer statements, drawings, certificate of title (proof of ownership). Included report prepared y Property Solutions that will support the application.

Make appointment with Council to present application.

A Certificate of Acceptance application is processed in a similar manner to a new Building Consent application and Council Fees are applied based on an estimated value of works carried out. This varies from Council to Council.
Note: Council processing –Statutory 20 working days (Section 98 Building Act 2004)

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